Our Friends

We can all work together to impact the lives of all animals in the UK. Here are some links to a variety of organisations helping us to make a positive impact on the safety and wellbeing of your favoruite animals.


Scottish SPCA

Founded in 1839, the Scottish SPCA rescue animals in danger, rehome pets and investigate and prevent reports of cruelty. Working directly with communities, they are shaping the future of animal welfare in Scotland. Find out more about the SSPCA at www.scottishspca.org.



The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) were established in 1824, becoming the first organisation to introduce animal protection laws. They work across England and Wales rescuing animals in danger, rehoming pets. investigating reports of cruelty and educating communities. Find out more about the RSPCA at www.rspca.org.uk.



Pets4Homes is the most popular UK classifieds website for all kinds of pets including cats, dogs, horses, small animals and more. More than 5 million people every year visit these classifieds in the UK and the service is completely free for all users including private individuals, breeders and rescue centres. In addition to the classifieds service, it is a great source of information to any potential pet owners. If you are looking for a new pet, start your search at www.pets4homes.co.uk.


Cats Protection

Cats Protection is recognised as the UK’s largest feline welfare charity and along the way, who like the RSPCA have been responsible for positive change in law as well as education of their local communities. Not only do Cats Protection play a large part in the rescue, care and rehoming of cats across the UK, their website is considered one of the best sources of information for all cat owners, potential owners and breeders. You can find out much more at www.cats.org.uk.


Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. They are more than just a rehoming centre. As well as caring for more than 1,000 dogs across more than 20 rehoming centres, they also act as experts to prospective dog owners, those who already have dogs and dog breeders. If you aren't in a position to take on a new pet but you are concerned for the wellbeing of any of the dogs, you are able to arrange sponsorship through the website. This supports the costs associated with the health and wellbeing of dogs under the excellent care of Dogs Trust. Visit www.dogstrust.org.uk for more information.


Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Redwings is the largest horse sanctuary in the UK, operating nationally with rescue teams working to save horses and ponies nationwide. As well as spending countless hours rehoming horses, ponies and donkeys, they also provide a safe place to live, essential veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and lifelong care for as long as is needed. If you are looking to adopt, donate or find out more information about how best to care for your horse visit www.redwings.org.uk.


Blue Cross for Pets

Blue Cross for Pets treats thousands of cats, dogs, small pets and horses at their animal hospitals, clinics and rehoming centres. Veterinary trained, they can care for poorly pets when their owners can't afford private treatment, assist with common behavioural problems and rehome abandoned or unwanted pets of all shapes and sizes. In addition to this, they provide a range of services to owners, including educational talks, advice and support for anyone struggling to cope with the loss of a pet. Find out more about Blue Cross for Dogs at www.bluecross.org.uk.



PDSA operate through a UK-wide network of 51 pet hospitals and 380 pet practices.  They are a unique charity which provides free veterinary care to the sick and injured pets of people in need and they actively promote responsible pet ownership. Under the memorable slogan "help a vet help a pet" they were able to help 470,000 animals in their pet hospitals. For information on how you can support these vets in making a difference to sick or injured pets visit www.pdsa.org.uk.