Repeat Orders

Did you know cats and dogs should be wormed every three months? In fact, routine management of worms and fleas in your pet is highly recommended. Sadly, a recent Frontline survey showed that 1 in 3 people don't actually know how often or when their pet needed treatment.

Our simple repeat ordering service has been set up to make it easier for you and your pet. Not only will you receive DOUBLE loyalty points through Petsenserewards, we will deliver your preferred product to your door with a reminder of the date you next need to treat your pet, and also keep you notified well in advance of your pending order by email. You will also secure your repeat order for the same price guaranteed. For more information on treatment frequency visit our product pages.

Here is how it works:

Most importantly, you need to be logged in to take advantage of repeat ordering. Some of our products will be automatically set to ask you if you would like to set up a repeat order. These products will have a green box notifying you of its repeat order status on the product page. Once you have added the product to your basket a pop up box wll appear asking if you would like to set the product up to repeat order.

When you reach the checkout, your product line will include a small icon with two arrows to confirm the repeat order status. Complete your order as normal and manage your order in the members area of the website.

Members area:

Your members area is the key place to manage all information about your account. When selecting any product for repeat ordering, you can manage everything about it there. Enable or disable the repeat order at any time and change quantities and date of delivery as you need to. You are in complete control. We are here to remind you the next time your pet is due for its order, keeping you informed online and by email. If you haven't yet registered to be a member of Petsensedirect, taking advantage of our repeat ordering and excellent loyalty programme, you can sign up here.

Payment information:

The most important thing to remember is that you only pay for your initial order up front. We use a unique service through SagePay which allows us to charge you again at a later date without storing your card information, because your safety online is paramount to us. The first time a repeat order payment is made, the user's card details are stored in an encrypted token and sent to Sagepay. Each subsequent payment is then first checked to ensure this token is still valid, meaning that your sensitive information is never at risk. This information is stored by Sagepay for up to 2 years. You can update your payment information with us at any time within the member area.