Compliance and prescription information

Some of our products require a compliance form or a prescription before we can legally pack and dispatch your order. You can help us out by updating your account or having your prescription ready for upload. Find out more below.



We are legally required to collect some information about your pet before we can send out some of our products. You can either manually enter this on your account page, or we will prompt you to fill it out after the checkout stage of your transaction has been collected. Due to legislation, we are unable to pack or dispatch your order until the compliance has been met and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible if for any reason the compliance information hasn't been recorded. Don't worry, the form is only a few questions and it is really easy to fill out. We will even save it to your account to save you time on your next purchase. 



Some of our product range may only be available if you have a prescription for your veterinary practitioner. When purchasing any of these products you will be required to provide your prescription so our vet can dispense your order for packing and dispatch. You can scan your prescription and upload it directly during the order stage or you can complete your order and either post, email or fax it to us where we will upload it to your account for you. Please be aware no prescription pet medication can be posted out to you until the prescription has been received and has been properly dispensed by a veterinary practitioner. Any orders without the relevant prescription will be cancelled.