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We are excited to introduce our Petsenserewards. For the first time our Petsense Direct customers can now earn points for every pound spent online. Not only will you have the opportunity to redeem your points for vouchers and freebies, you will also have the opportunity to exchange your points for horse, cat or dog food that our team will deliver direct to local shelters and rehoming services across the country.

Signing up is easy and you can earn points straight away just by joining or referring a friend. Find out more about our reward points by clicking the link.

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Play fetch with our simple Repeat Orders

Did you know cats and dogs should be wormed every three months? In fact, routine management of worms and fleas in your pet is highly recommended. Sadly, a recent Frontline survey showed that 1 in 3 people don't actually know how often or when their pet needed treatment.

Our simple repeat ordering service has been set up to make it easier for you and your pet. Not only will you receive DOUBLE loyalty points through Petsenserewards, we will deliver your preferred product to your door with a reminder of the date you next need to treat your pet. For more information on treatment frequency visit our product pages. Become a member and set up your repeat orders today.

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Advice from the expert

How often should I worm my dog and cat?

Dogs and cats over the age of six months should be wormed every three months. Puppies and kittens are usually wormed from the age of two weeks. They are then wormed regularly every 2-3 weeks until they reach 12 weeks then every month until they reach six months. More information about wormers can be found on our product pages.

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