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About the product Dreamcoat

The Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat has been formulated to clean and condition the coat, leaving behind a high gloss shine. The spray bottle releases a mist which creates an even finish on the coat whilst highlighting muscle definition. The unique non-slip formula highlights can be used on the saddle patch leaving behind no grease or residue.

The unique non-slip formula his a show ring favourite as it highlights muscle definition and can be used on the saddle patch, leaving no grease or residue.

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How To Use

Can be applied directly to the coat, mane and tail. Use sparingly and as directed.


For wet use, apply directly, after washing with shampoo. Spray light mist over the coat, mane and tail. Wipe over with a cloth or brush to achieve an even finish.


For dry use, remove surface dust and lightly spray over the coat, mane or tail. Wipe over with a cloth or brush to acheive an even finish.

Handy Tips

Spray Dreamcoat onto manes and tails prior to plaiting for a high shine finish. If using for the first time, perform a patch test 24 hours before use.

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