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About the product OmegaAid

OmegaAid is a supplement for cats and dogs which promotes a healthy skin and coat. OmegaAid contains essential fats which are components of the skin, fur, nails and hair. OmegaAid has been designed to significantly increase the Omega 3 fatty acid intake but also contains Omega 6 fatty acid plus vitamins A, C & E.


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Instructions for use

Use dosage cap supplied and administer by pouring over the pets food. For pets weighing up to 5kg give 2.5ml daily. For pets weighing between 5-10kg give 5ml daily. Por pets weighing between 10–20kg give 7.5ml daily. For pets weighing between 20–30kg give 10-15ml daily and for pets weighing over 30kg give 12.5ml daily.

Handy Tips

After four weeks, daily intake can be decreased by half. For best results your pets should use for at least one month.


For every 10ml of OmegaAid: Omega 3 (65% EPA+DHA) 1000mg, Omega 6 2000mg, Evening Primrose Oil 180mg 9% GLA, Vitamin A – Antioxidant 1250iu, Vitamin D – Antioxidant 400iu, Vitamin E – Antioxidant 25iu Biotin, 2μg Zinc 2mg.

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