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7 things every dog lover needs in their life

The Dog tee Every true dog lover needs a T-shirt...

Dogs / 07.03.2016

7 things every dog lover needs in their life

The Dog tee

The Dog tee

Every true dog lover needs a T-shirt to shout their love to the world. There are so many options available online, but this shirt really gets down to it. We, as humans, are fallible creatures that will never be perfect. But try and convince one of us that our pets aren’t perfect just the way they are and you’re in for the argument of your life! Available from The Mountain online store.


"Man's Best Friend" curtains

Blog curtains

Having new people over is a perfect opportunity to let them in on how much of a canine enthusiast you are. These curtains are a great way to get the word out without saying anything at all. The best part is that it’s also sold as fabric by the metre, so you can order extra to make some matching throw pillows (or re-upholster your entire living room, if you’re brave enough). Available from 247curtains.co.uk.


"Dog Hogger" pillowcases

Dog Hogger Pillowcases

I dare you to take one look at this picture and tell me it’s not true. These pillowcases definitely illustrate what it’s like to share space with a lovable pooch. You can find these at Not on the High Street.


"Criminal" dog mug

 Criminal dog mug

No dog lover will be able to resist cracking up at this “It’d be criminal to leave it” mug. It’s perfect for anyone who knows how much our pooches love people food. Each and every one of us recognise the look of longing in your pup’s eyes! Available from The Little Dog.


Radley Waveney dog purse

Dog blog purse

For those lovely ladies, what could be more subtle-in-an-obvious-way than this leather dog purse? Its adorableness is off the charts, yet its kitsch isn’t over the top. It’s slim and sleek, yet still has all of the pockets and slots you need! You can buy this and others like it today at Radley.


Dog salt and pepper pots

These adorable salt and pepper pots are not just in good taste, they make your food taste good too! Pick your set uo at Getting Personal.


Personalised dog keyring

Dog keyring charm

Whether you are missing a pooch that has passed, or just miss them while you're at work or out and about for the day, this customisable keychain is perfect for the sentimental dog lover. Each one is hand-painted with your dog's image and name. Find this and more personalised gifts at D is for Dog.


Guest blog written by @ajvworld