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About the product Training Pads

Simple Solution Training Pads are 10 times more absorbant than any other standard economy training pad thanks to the advanced polymer technology which converts liquid into a gel and locks in the moisture. During this unique process it neutralizes any odours and traps urine in the embossed quilt pattern of the tissue. Scented with a powerful pheromone-scented attractant, it encourages your pet to use it, accelerating the training process.

Simple Solution Training Pads are more than just a training pad. They could be used as litter box mats, dog crate liners, temporary car seat covers and for messy spills and muddy paws.

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How To Use

Place the pad on the floor with the tissue side up. Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing them to smell the unique pheromone-scented smell. If they don't relieve themselves immediately, take them back several times until it is sucessful. When they relieve themselves on the pad, reward them with a treat or enthusiastic praise.


Over time, move the pads closer to the door until it is outside. Once outside, fold the pads and reduce the size over time. It wont be long before they do not need a pad to find their spot. Keep pads around for overnight accidents, extended time alone or travel.

Handy Tips

Always keep the pad in an area that is available to your pet, but away from any bedding or food. When accidents happen, remove all traces of the odours to prevent your pet from repeating the marking.

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